Our complete dog encyclopedia can teach you much more than what you know about dogs. Previously, the dog was raised for hunting and guarding, but now, it is considered to be equal to a family member and owners are trying to fulfill the needs of dog and attachment to it is becoming more and more personal. It has become a part of our life and part of our family.

It would be helpful for the owner if he understands the behavior of the dogs, its needs and how he can take care of it better. With this knowledge, he or she can maintain a healthy relationship with the animal and keep it happy all the time.

Understanding the behavior of the dog allows us to prevent any problems that can be caused by the owners and help us to have a healthy dog, which will show an undisputed love towards the owner and for some people, it is relaxing to spend time with their pets.

The erroneous behavior of the animal is due to growth problems or not-so-correct training. So, having basic knowledge about different aspects or phases of dog’s growth will help us in maintaining our canine’s health.

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