Male Dog Diseases

Male Dog Diseases

Male dogs to suffer from the following diseases. It is always important to remember these and get them treated in time.

Tumors in Testicles
Testicles appear swollen. In some cases, the dog loses hair, urinates like female and we can observe development of teats.

Perineum Fracture
It is represented by difficulty in moving and urinating. This can occur as a brutal separation during an unwanted mounting.

Dog licks itself non-stop and develops wounds. An allergy to grass, cement or a rug can sometimes be the reason of this problem. The wound(s) should be disinfected as well as get a neck belt to prevent it from licking itself.

Orchitis is inflammation of the testicles.  It is a rare condition, but is extremely painful. Testicles look red, swollen and hot.

Main problem is congestion of penis. When it is out, it can’t go back into the skin as it is swollen. Ice need to be applied along with Vaseline and try to put it back in.

Prostate Problems
They appear in old dogs in the form of abscess or tumor. Dog will have difficulties to urinate and moves with its back hunched up and its posterior extremities are tense.

Testicular Ectopia
In this condition, dog’s testicles will not descended into the sacks. The testicles do not go through the inguinal ring to place themselves in the sacks until the fifth day; the definite position is acquired by the seventh week, but should not alarm us until the fifth or sixth month. If one of the two testicles has not descended when the puppy reaches its adult age, it is precise to remove them, but there is a risk of tumors in the intra-abdominal testicles. These can turn into cancerous, so removal of the testicles is preferred in this situation.

Dog Sterility
Dogs not able to reproduce or give birth to puppies after mating.

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