Female Dog Diseases

Female Dog Diseases

This is a problem that can sometimes cause sterility. The female does show loss of vulva and licks non-stop. For this, we need to start antibiotics to combat this issue.

This problem is very frequent in young dogs, especially during their first heat. These lesions become purulent very fast due to the intense licking the dog performs.

It is very rare. The vagina spins into the exterior like a sock. This can be due to the forced interruption of unwanted mating by the owner, a difficult labor or an intense effort of expulsion due to constipation.

It happens during periods different to the heat periods. They can provoke metritis. Where in extreme cases the uterus removal might be necessary.

These can be recognized by seeing a flow of pus in the vulva. Dog looks tired and does not eat or drink much. Uterus sometimes fills up with pus and outflows.

These infections are called metritis and usually require surgery if the antibiotics aren’t enough.  These infections can show up after labor, an abortion or contraceptive treatment. They are more common in old female dogs.

Increase in the white blood cells through blood analysis can help us confirm the suspicion of metritis.


Tumors of the Vulva
Tumors need to be sampled to analyze and see if it is benign or harmful. Benign ones are lumps in the form of mucus and does not cause any other problem. They needed to be removed surgically. Harmful or cancerous tumors are the problematic ones and they need to be removed along with its surroundings to make sure its complete removal.

Vaginal Tumors
These tumors cause problem in urination. As these grow, they put pressure on the bladder and cause further problems. This is a common one is older female dogs. These are rarely cancerous.

Uterine Tumors
Uterus cancer in female dogs is very occasional. Dog’s abdomen increases in size and shows loss of blood through vagina. Looks same like when it is in heat.

Ovary Tumors
Tumors of ovary cause behavioral differences and cause the dog to have prolonged heat and repeated heats.

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