Dog Gestation Period & Problems

Dog Gestation Period & Problems

Various problems including abortion can be observed in the canines during its gestational period. You should consult a vet if you feel like something is abnormal.

Abortion is a stressful thing for the dog and its owner. There are several reasons for it.

An infection can lead to abortion and it can be cause by bacteria, viruses or parasites and an in-time analysis can show up the reason for it. Most of the times, it can be caused by salmonella or streptococcus.

Also, trauma, intoxication and genetic problems can cause abortion as well as some medications including corticoids,
aspirin, tetracycline, and excessive doses of vitamin A.

Gestation Trauma
Some traumas can be life-threatening to the dog itself. They might result in blocking of gestation where babies can die and provoke uterine infection. This usually happens during the 2nd month of gestation.

Extrauterine Pregnancy
Embryo development occurs outside of the uterus, though it is very rare in dogs. In this case, uterus ruptures at the end of gestation and baby will fall into abdomen where it does not develop. A mummification phenomenon can then happen. Due to the rupture, the mother dog may develop uterine infection and needs surgical intervention.

Uterine Torsion
It occurs when uterus twists over on itself and needs immediate intervention.

Uterine Hernia
In this condition, the oversized uterus goes down to the level of groin and forms a thick bulge inside the thigh. Normal development of the puppies is possible, but it is necessary to operate the dog for the puppies to come out.

Medical Abortions
Yes…abortions can be done in dogs when the dog is too young or too old to sustain the pregnancy. It can be done in undesired pregnancy or the dog is suffering from some other illness. It can be done injecting estrogen, Prostaglandin F2 alpha, or dexamethasone, which will induce abortion.

Super Gestation
in this particular phenomenon, female mates with multiple male dogs in a single cycle leading to puppies with different fathers in a single pregnancy.

The female dog can get through this stage alone, but it is preferable to be present and to know how to distinguish the normal facts of the pathological things that happen. When labor is close, the vulva is dilated and the abdomen gets descended. Her breasts get swollen a day before giving birth. At the beginning of labor, a clear liquid can be seen and after delivery, dog’s temperature drops and dog returns to its normal state in stages.

Dog likes calmness and cleans her genital areas and abdomen by licking. It seeks a hallow and shaded places like under the furniture. Some stay calm while delivering the puppies and some become aggressive and tear the blankets. Though it does not accept anyone around her, it does allow owner to be there.

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