Dog breastfeeding issues and combating them with Milk Replacement Formulas

Dog breastfeeding issues and combating them with Milk Replacement Formulas

Following are few issues than can cause inability to breastfeed the puppies.

Eclampsia Crisis
This is another problem that can happen during breastfeeding. It can be recognized with convulsions in the mother due to drop in blood calcium levels, called hypocalcaemia. The first symptoms may appear in the third week of breastfeeding. The female looks anxious, moans, breaths rapidly and her extremities are very tense. When the mother does not have necessary calcium intake during and after gestation, it may suffer from hypocalcemia, so it is necessary that we feed supplements since the last third of the gestation period.

Pseudo-Gestation of Breastfeeding
The female dog behaves like a pregnant one, though it is not pregnant. It also produces milk. It normally occurs at two months after heat. This dog should be treated for this condition.

We should observe the teats of the dog. If they are abnormally swollen or oozing any abnormal colored fluid, we should consult the vet to take a look at it. Gangrenous mastitis may be a cause of it, which generally happens with the virus called staphylococcus. With this disease, the female looks very tired and feverish. This problem happens almost exclusively during breastfeeding. In the case of gangrene, the teat becomes black and cold, and secretes purple pus; if no treatment is given to the dog, it may die.

The mammary tumor is one of the tumors that can make the owners run. It can happen at any age, though it is most occurs in aged females. It appears as a lump. This needs to be sampled and analyzed to make sure of the diagnosis.


If you have just got the abandoned puppies 0r adopted puppies, which are less than six weeks old, you need to feed the puppy with cow milk or milk replacement formula. First 3 weeks in puppy’s life are delicate and you need to get it enough milk for its overall development. Cow milk has more fat than its mother’s milk.

Following are the possible mixtures for milk replacement formula for hand feeding the puppies:

600 g of whole milk + 10 whole eggs + 20 g of bone powder
800 g of whole milk + 200 g milk cream + 1 egg yolk + 6 g of bone powder
1 glass of whole milk + 1 glass of milk cream + 1 egg yolk

Amount of formula to be used depends on the weight of the puppy. For a 400 g puppy, 8 meals a day are necessary for the first 2 days with 14 mL of milk each time (we can feed the puppy every two hours with an interruption between the 23 and 5 hours); from day #3 to day #7, 6 meals a day of 25 mL each; from day #8 to day #16, five meals a day of 40 mL each; from day #17 until weaning, four meals of 65 mL per day.

In dog stores or dog section in supermarts/malls, we can find these formulas ready to be served. The method of making the milk and the servings will be mentioned on the packet, so read them carefully. After preparing the milk, let it cool down to 38°C, which is the ideal temperature of the mother’s body.

Preparing the milk in a hygienic way is absolutely necessary to avoid infections through hand feeding. Milk should be prepared as soon as it is necessary and should not be made once and use throughout the day.

From the beginning of 4th week, we can feed the puppy from a bowl.

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