Contraception in dogs

Contraception in dogs

Though it would be welcoming to have a baby of our dogs, but sometimes, we feel like delaying it would be more appropriate in situation like the canine is just a year old or you feel it is not matured yet.  If the pair already have their own babies and you want to control the population, the next thing that comes into your mind is castration.

There are two methods to follow for both male and female dogs.

Hormonal Methods
It consists of hormone injections to be given to the dog every 5 to 6 months after the dog has had its first heat. This way, you can delay the pregnancy and have puppies when you desire. There are side effects of uterine infection with this method, so it is not a good thing that you use this method with every cycle.

Surgical methods
Surgery is a permanent method to stop conceiving and also it negates the risk of uterine infection.  The issues with this method in the long run are weight gain and urinary inconsistency as dog gets older, though they are insignificant.

The ovariectomy consists removal of ovaries, the hysterectomy is removal of uterus and the ovariohysterectomy is removal of both organs.

Removing only the uterus can eliminate the risk of weight gain and other hormonal imbalances, though you need to be careful during the heat as males get attracted to the females as the hormones are still working.

The other method of preventing reproduction is tying the fallopian tubes, which is very rate, but it guarantees the contraception.

Males can be castrated or vasectomized. Castration involves removal of testicles and vasectomy blocks the semen-carrying vessels. Vasectomy keeps the testicles intact and thus by no hormonal issues in the long run.

Dogs are usually castrated when they show aggressiveness, which also eliminates the reproductive nature. Castration is also carried out in the case of prostate disease or a perineal hernia.

Sterilization of the male or female is still the only method that gives guaranteed control of the dog’s reproduction if we have two dogs of different sex at home.

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