Canine Sterilization

Canine Sterilization

How to sterilize a dog?
Sterilization can be done in three ways; ovariectomy – removal of ovaries; hysterectomy – removal of uterus; or by removing both in ovariohysterectomy.

Which one is more preferable?
By removing only uterus, we can prevent dog gestation. As the ovaries are still present, dog gets its heats. She does not bleed and her hormonal activities are in tune. She also does not gain weight.

Does sterilization make the dog gain weight?
If we just take the ovaries out, yes, it will. But, good care of the dog does control it.

Does this procedure modify the dog’s behavior?
Female dogs are usually more calm and affectionate. This procedure does not affect the dog’s behavior. It is in the males, when dog’s behavior is aggressive, controlled by doing castration. To deal with male dog’s aggressiveness, in some cases, it is warranted.

Does this operation reduce the risks of breast cancer?
In some studies, it was found to be true, but just to prevent the cancer, it is not a good thing to do especially for the first two years after her first heat.

Can tubal ligation be performed in dogs?
Technically, this can be performed, but it is not common in dogs.

Can a vasectomy be performed in male dogs?
Technically, this procedure can be done, but it is not common in dogs.

Can a male be castrated?
Yes. It is recommended if the dog is very aggressive in behavior or is sexually excited all the time.

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