Canine Breastfeeding & Health – Q & A

Canine Breastfeeding & Health – Q & A


What must we do if the female does not have any milk?
It is good to feed the puppies with special dog milk and baby bottle.

What is the milk rise?
It is a problem that can be seen about 2 months after heat. The female acts like it is pregnant though it is not, teats are swollen and milk can be extracted from them. She picks up toys, spoils them and moans. The cause of it is hormonal and needs treatment to rectify it.

How can we prevent this problem?
It can be prevented with removal of ovaries or injecting hormones to prevent the dog from being in heat. This is not dangerous.


Are mammary tumors carcinogenic?
Not in all situations. It is difficult to tell just by looking at them. They need to be removed and analyzed in the lab.

What must be done when cancer is detected?
An x-ray is taken to make sure that there is no metastasis and if there is, then the dog should undergo chemotherapy.

Should mammary tumors always be operated?
It is preferable.

Is the flow of fluids from the vulva normal?
Yes, if they are clear and not abundant. If the color and consistency are not that of normal, it is usually a sign of uterine infection. The fluids become thick and the female is really thirsty. It is usually necessary to remove the uterus.

Is it normal if a dog licks his/her genital organs?
Yes, but it is also normal to tell it not to do that since dogs must not lick their genitals continuously.

What must be done if when a dog gets excited alone or with someone’s leg?
We must prohibit the animal from doing this, from the moment it starts.

Are there prostate tumors in dogs?
Yes, but these are not operated on. The anatomic situation of the prostate in the dog is very complicated and the ways to access it during a surgical procedure are difficult.

Are testicular tumors frequent?
Old dogs are usually the victims of these tumors. One of the two testicles gets swollen and hurts. The dog walks all hunched over and his posterior extremities are tense. Castration will be necessary in this case.

It is precise to operate if his testicles haven’t descended?
Yes, in this case the testicles can be located under the skin or the abdomen. It is preferable to remove the hidden testicles, but it is not completely necessary to castrate the animal.

Can the dog have sexual infections?
Yes, these are manifested by non-clear fluids on the penis. It will be necessary to administer antibiotics to the dog.

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